Developer's project management tool

SprintGround is an intuitive tool that software developers use to significantly increase efficiency of their projects.

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SprintGround feature highlights

  • Task Management
    Store your ideas and manage your tasks. Prioritize, categorize, order, filter and search tasks.
  • Issue & Bug Tracking
    Allow your customers to report issues & bugs so you can deliver higher quality software.
  • Time Tracking
    Track time spent on development and automatically calculate release dates based on time estimations.
  • Development Progress Tracking
    How much work is done? How much is remaining? Are you on schedule? When will you finish?
  • Collaborate Real-Time
    See what others are working on. Assign and discuss tasks. Centralize communication.
  • Organize Ideas & Feedback
    Track bugs and issues. Capture ideas, suggestions, questions and feature requests.

How does SprintGround benefit IT projects

  • Improve team productivity

    Centralized visual task management and real-time progress monitoring is an effective way to:
    • Encourage collaboration
    • Learn from previously recorded work and statistics
    • Improve delivery time
    • Prioritize better and add more value to your product
    • Combine and focus your company's intellect
  • Critical decision support

    The use of a central information storage with immidate and organized access to it will allow you to:
    • Have a clear visual overview of what is happening
    • Dynamically plan for short- and long-term future
    • Not to miss important changes and act accordingly in an earlier development stage
    • Dramatically decrease the need to rework tasks and lose precious work time
  • Control and monitoring

    • Have a clear project overview
    • Decrease incident response time
    • Plan releases with accuracy
    • Be aware of who is working on what
    • Don't lose any task out of sight

Supports different methodologies

SprintGround includes useful planning and management tools like Product backlog, Burndown chart and Kanban board.
Scrum is the new hype. An iterative and incremental development strategy for self-organizing teams.
Spiral model is a risk driven approach where main phases repeat with each release cycle.
Linear approach, also known as a Waterfall model, is a sequential process, more suitable for smaller projects.