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SprintGround Product Update - A new design

The new release has received a new UI design and a significant performance boost!
The new design
  • No more borders!
    We planned to go for a borderless UI a long time ago. It was a matter of time and it's finally here. The result turned out to be very satisfying.
  • Noise free interface that lets you easily focus on the content
    All graphic elements that do not contribute enough to the usability have been removed without regret. (No, we are not following "minimalist" design trends.)
  • Brighter backgrounds and intenser functional colors
    The mid-range gray backgrounds became much lighter, calming and more pleasing to the eye light blue. As always, every color within SprintGround has it's purpose. The intensity of these functional colors (highlight, selection, notification, warning and others) has been adjusted for easier subconscious recognition.
  • Less edges
    Since the way our brain recognizes shapes is by finding connected color edges, we decided to free your mind of any unnecessary information overload.
  • Better spacing
    Such an underestimated technique to focus your attention on the right thing when you need it. Such a great tool to group and divide information. It's invisible, but it's there: spacing. In this design we have come to appreciate spacing a lot more.
  • Bigger click areas
    Less aiming, more time to focus on the work.
Navigation changes
  • Navigational links to Project management, Release management, User management, Change log and Release overview are moved to a collapsible sidebar on the left.
  • SprintGround home button now only contains actions related to the tool itself: Help and Send feedback (please do!).
  • Profile link, Logout button and Settings dropdown are merged into one menu underneath your avatar.
  • Pages dedicated to a certain type of a work item (Tasks, Bug reports, Feature requests, etc) are merged into a single page: Work items, but keeping the adaptability of each page to each item type. Filtering work items by type "Bug report" will now automatically only display columns with properties that a bug report can have. The same principle is applied to the pages dedicated to different types of users.
A few new features
  • Recent activity history is now available for each individual work item.
  • Task board: Current release is now displayed on top of the page with a progress bar and the ability to switch between releases.
  • Task board: Tasks can now be moved in both directions.
Usability enhancements
  • Readability is increased, with bigger fonts for higher DPI screens.
  • A new unique color is introduced for time tracking. All time values system-wide share the same easily recognizable consistent background color.
  • A lot more elements received a dynamically set ellipsis on text overflow, saving you more precious horizontal screen space for more important things.
  • Simplified all numeric input
    All numeric input fields (for example: version number) now have a default value and will sanitize your input on paste/key press automatically.
  • All dialog buttons now reflect the action, for example: "Delete/Cancel" instead of "Yes/No".
  • Tooltips and popups will now use smart(er) positioning in all four directions if there is not enough space on your screen.
  • Description (WYSIWYG) editor just got blazing fast with on-demand expanding toolbar and re-grouped formatting buttons.
A lot of fixes and tons of minor usability enhancements have been implemented. We have practically re-built the foundation of the tool. So far, every change that we made according to our (still growing) usability formula has proven it to be insanely accurate. This re-design is a big step towards the "ideal" and we are excited to see how this and future enhancements will improve your work efficiency and overall satisfaction.
Two new languages
The architecture, as well as almost every component, has undergone a performance optimization. As a result, you can now enjoy noticeable performance boost!

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