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If you knew exactly what has to be done to achieve your goal, would you do it?

This question is rather rhetorical. Of course you would!

As an active professional or an entrepreneur you are probably working hard trying all possibilities to bring your vision to life. At some points in your journey you may be one decision away from a breakthrough. How disappointing would it be if you missed an opportunity like that, simply because you were absolutely unaware of it?

We cannot deny it. Knowledge is the most valuable asset we can have. The right knowledge at the right time may open up new possibilities and reduce the risk to practically zero. Would it be convenient if you could just call or send an email to another company and ask how they do things? We would like to offer you exactly that.

Starting from today, we are giving you the opportunity to become our Knowledge Partner. As our Knowledge Partner you may just ask us about our professional experience, feedback on your product from a different point of view, or if we have any ideas.

Here at the development headquarters of SprintGround we think that this seemingly insignificant attempt to contribute access to our knowledge may over time very well evolve to become a big and powerful network of professionals and entrepreneurs willing to help each other.

Before you sign-up, please read a few key points about what Knowledge Partnership is about and what to expect from it.