Dev projects effectively manageable

Organize your work

Store your ideas, manage your tasks, prioritize and categorize them. With SprintGround you also can order, filter and search your tasks.

Collaborate with your team

See what others are working on, no matter where they are located. Assign work to them and discuss it. No more filling your email inbox with unorganized pieces of information. Take advantage of centralized communication.

Add files

Add screenshots & log files to your tasks and comments. Share designs & mockups with your team and enjoy the ease of drag&drop, thumbnails and zoom-in image viewing.

Track progress

Do you need know how much work has been done? How much is remaining? Are you on schedule? If not, when will you finish? SprintGround provides you with those answers. Real-time.

Plan releases accurately

Estimates are automatically calculated for you and for the team, taking everyone’s personal working schedule into account.

Invite Product Owners to follow the progress

Allow product owners to follow your release schedule and contribute to projects by submitting ideas, feature requests and feedback.

See what happened while you were away

Quickly view an expandable summary of additions and changes since your last logon.

Track changes

SprintGround provides you with clean and easy to read change logs. But that’s not all. You can view per-field changes done by particular user, for a particular release or for the whole project.

Get notified

Receive instant email notifications whenever changes are made that are important to you.

Support for methodologies like Scrum, Kanban as well as linear approach

SprintGround is being developed keeping different methodologies in mind. Tools like Kanban board (Task board) and Burndown charts are ready to serve your team.


We have a bottomless box, full of amazing ideas to make SprintGround a better tool. We’re working on them right now!