Join forces with us

Goals and benefits

  • Ask us and share your own research results on the subjects, such as: software development, project management, usability&UX, product marketing and strategy.
  • Access our professional network. We will help you find and contact experts you need. If other knowledge partners seek your services, we will introduce you to them.
  • Mutual product improvement: Get insider information about the use of your product(s) and exchange detailed feedback.
  • Mutual branding: We will publish the logo, link and a short description of your business in our partners section. As our partner you are encouraged to do likewise.

Who can become our knowledge partner?

If you are a standalone IT-professional or represent a company that uses or provides IT services/products, you are welcome to enter into a knowledge partnership with us. Using/purchasing our products is not required. The only requirement is your willingness to contribute your time and relevant knowledge to your partners.
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